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We are all aware that we face a major problem with the climate change currently in progress on our planet. Everyone we want to try to help counteract this in every way we can, so that the earth can continue to be the paradise and residence it has been for us people for so long. But despite goodwill, it’s not always easy to change their lifestyle.

It’s hard to know where to start and how to go about living in a more sustainable way. Fortunately, you can get help and guidance from those who are involved in the subject. Environmentalists are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience. The latest developments in the field are apps that suggest ways to reduce their environmental impact.

The Green Guide

Green Guide is an app created and operated by the Nature Conservation Association. In this app, you’ll find lots of practical and smart tips to help you live your life in a more sustainable way. The app simply helps you to make better and more environmentally friendly decisions in everyday situations. You can get tips in several different subject categories, such as food, accommodation, travel, purchases and much, much more.

This app is super fast to have downloaded so that you can quickly and easily get answers to its environmental and sustainability issues. Here you can, among other things, use the fish, fruit or vegetable picker to find out which fish are not endangered and which one should choose to contribute to sustainable fishing or what fruits and vegetables it is the season for.

Your Resource Impact

A big environmental boom is as we all know travel and transportation. We people travel today much more than we used to do earlier and it has a major impact on our environment. Green travel choice is an app where you can calculate the carbon dioxide emissions that a trip creates. The app also shows you alternate itineraries and modes so you can choose the best option. You can save all your trips and see your total amount of emissions.

Another great app that addresses another major environmental problem in society is Karma. This app allows food stores, restaurants, cafes and other traders to sell leftovers at a reduced price. Fully edible foods that would otherwise have been thrown are used instead, and thus the food winnings are also reduced. That’s a big problem – today, almost a third of all food is thrown, even though there is nothing wrong with it!

Smart apps that you should download

There are lots of other smart and green apps that can help you make better choices every day. For example, download Sopkollen, a guide to help you recover your waste properly and in the right place. Or why not check the gift levels in different products in the Product without danger. The ELIQ app lets you track the power consumption of your home in real time. It makes it easy to adjust settings while saving electricity.

If you want to make the environmental work a bit more fun, you can do a competition of it all. In the Environmental Pact app, it is about performing good practices for the environment. You start as an environmental boar, but by ordering cans, switching off lights or recycling waste, you are rewarded with points and rising simultaneously in environmental friendliness. So challenge friends and family, while competing and having fun together, you also contribute to a better and cleaner world.

Keep Sweden clean

Another contributing reason why our soil is not doing well is the crash. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how important it is to pick up after and do not leave any trash and residual products. If you notice junk you can take a picture on the site and send it to the Keep Sweden Clean Foundation via their app. By doing this they can map the litter and, in some cases, also clean up the devastation.

There is lots of help to get!

It is not always easy to know how to think and act when it comes to the environment and a more sustainable lifestyle. However, as we noted in this article, there is a lot of help to get. This help is also readily available to all. Having these apps in the phone means that you can always get answers to their environmental issues. So now, we can all contribute to a better world.

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